About Us

NonProfit Media helps social-issue filmmakers create community outreach initiatives for their movies to inspire change, community engagement and audience participation.

Our team includes educators and non-profit professionals who specialize in film education and media outreach.

We focus on educators and students, youth leaders, community organizers and nonprofit collaborations to expand outreach and distribution and raise awareness about educational films, television programs, and documentaries in a meaningful and engaging way.

Nonprofit Media tailors each campaign based on the project content and specific objectives of our clients.

Some clients may want a community engagement campaign with a 12 page discussion guide and Media Kit to be used nationwide. Another client may prefer a more comprehensive curriculum with professional development for educators in school districts to accompany the film. Other clients may request educational materials and resources for student involvement in specific geographic areas. Learn more about our services here.

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We Strive to Provide Our Clients with Top Notch Support for Custom-Design Film Campaigns